Sunday, March 17, 2013

La Saint-Patrick/ Have a happy St-Patrick Day

La Saint-Patrick  est la fête nationale des Irlandais qui a lieu le 17 mars. On fête la Saint-Patrick dans plusieurs endroits au monde dont ici, au Canada. Si tu vas dehors aujourd'hui, tu verras sûrement des gens habillés en vert car le vert est la couleur des Irlandais.
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Bonne Saint-Patrick!

St-Patrick Day is an Irish holiday celebrated all around the globe to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. On Saint-Patrick Day, you will see 4 leaves clovers and people dressed in green.

Facts about Clovers
Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest number of leaves found on a clover is 14?
Did you know that one estimate suggests that there are about 10 000 regular three-leaf clovers for every lucky four-leaf clover?
Did you know that legend says that each leaf of the clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the fourth for luck?
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Happy St-Patrick Day!

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