Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In December we celebrate kindness and caring...

...But how do we show kindness and caring toward each other, at school and in our families?
What things can we do to show kindness and caring toward our family members?
What things can we do to show kindness and caring toward our friends?
What does it mean to be kind and caring to animals?

Wondering what “kindness and caring” feels like?
It may feels like being
aware of others’ feelings without teasing or using put-down or helping someone who is having a bad day: it is that simple.

Read this!

Somewhere Today, A Book of Peace, by Shelley Moore Thomas
"This affirming prose poem asserts that peace begins with simple gestures...the author makes readers aware of the kindness and pleasure around us".

 158.2 THO

Caring, by Robin Doak
"When you become a better person, you help make the world a better place."

 177.7 DOA

Kindness, by Kimberley Jane Pryor
"Read about 6 simple ways to be kind to your family, friends and neighbours".

Front Cover
179.9 PRY

Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Care of Myself, by Sarah Levete

"Read what the children in this book have to say about the different ways that they look after themselves".

Product Details
 158.24 LEV
 Snow friends, by Christina Butler 
"A charming story of friendship and caring" 

Snow Friends
Pippin the Christmas Pig, by Jean Little & Werner Zimmerman
"A heartwarming story of hope, wonder and the true Christmas spirit"

Front Cover

 Bagels from Benny, by Aubrey Davis
"A moving drama of generosity and faith"

Front Cover

The Best Night Out With Dad,
Chicken Soup for little Souls Reader, by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Front Cover

 Ryan and Jimmy, by Herb Shoveller
"A true story of friendship and compassion in which a simple wish to help others brings focus to the necessities that unite us all."

Ryan and Jimmy: And the Well in Africa That Brought Them Together
361.74092 SHO

In French

Quand je suis gentil, de Trace Moroney
Aider les autres, écouter ses amis, être bien dans sa peau, c'est tout ça être gentil.
Et bien davantage encore.

QUAND JE SUIS GENTIL | livres: TRACE MORONEY | ISBN: 9782896421138

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