Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who is Sandy? What is a hurricane, or a super storm?

 The Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun
Wondering who is Sandy? Or what is a hurricane? Heard the words super storm?

Read this!

1. Hurricanes, by Catherine Chambers
Where do hurricanes happen? How do people protect their homes from hurricanes? Explore the world of  Wild Weather to find out! This book looks at the powerful storms that blow across the land, destroying homes and uprooting trees. You will find out where and how hurricanes happen and the impact they have on people around the world.

551.552 CHA 

2. Hurricanes and Tornadoes, by Angela Royston
An in-depth look at violent weather conditions around the world, this book shows how weather is predicted and the dramatic effects extreme weather has on both the environment and people's lives.

551.552 ROY

3. Stormy Weather, by Julie Ramsden

From tornadoes, to hurricanes, to raining frogs, find out what happens when the weather gets wild."
Dewey 551.55 RAM

4. Hurricane!, by Celia Godkin
A hurricane is bearing down on the coast. When it reaches land, howling winds uproots trees and homes with equal ease. A storm surge devastates the town. Then, after the eerie quiet of the hurricane's eye, the winds howl again, toppling structures that had survived the first onslaught and washing away the remains. In the face of a massive disaster, the people, the animals, and the land itself will always find a way to survive and triumph once more.

551.552 GOD

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