Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Riddles

What is the witch's favorite topic in school?


What do skeletons say before they begin dining?

Bone Appetit!

Where do baby ghosts go during the day?


Why don't skeletons like parties?
They have nobody to dance with....

What do the birds sing on Halloween?
Twick or Tweet...
Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?

His ghoul friend..... 


Read this!
Ghost Hunt at Trembly Towers, by Molly Williams

Ghost Hunt at Trembly Towers (Walker Gamebooks)
 793.73 WIL

Monster Riddles, by Louis Phillips

Monster Riddles
 793.735 PHI

Let's all draw MONSTERS...ghosts, ghouls and demons, by Jane Robertson

 There is no picture of this book!

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