Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween picks, by the Dewson Primary Booooook Club members

Day 5

Countdown to Halloween, 5 days left before Halloween... 
Dewson primary boooooook club members comment on Halloween books/  Le club de lecture primaire critique les livres sur l'Halloween
  This Book is Haunted, by Joanne Rocklin


"I like this book because the first story is funny. You should read this book because it is funny. Annette (grade 2)   

Le manoir du passé, de Karen Dolby.

Le Manoir du passé - KAREN DOLBY - ADRIENNE KERN

''My friends should read it. It is funny''. Justin (grade 2)

La sorcière qui avait peur, de Alice Low
''We like it because it is funny. This book is for grade 3''. Georgia& Harper (grade 3)

Mélusine, philtre d'amour, de Gilson
Une pratique de vol avec la copine Cancrelune

''C'est l'histoire de 2 personnes qui veulent se marier et les arbres a coeur leur tombent sur la tête''. 
Lindsey& Raquel (grade 2)

The Bones of Fred McFee, by Eve Bunting:


''Things that are supposed to be in a fun house, they become real! I think my friend should read it. It is easy to read, it is a little bit scary but not too scary''.
Kalina(grade 3)

Le Bateau Fantôme, de Julianna Bethlen:


''I like pirates. My friends should read it because it's Halloween and it talks about ghosts and pirates''. Rosie (grade 2)

Boo!, de Robert Munch:


''It's not scary, très drôle parce que il y a un voleur. J'aime quand les gens rient. It makes me feel good because I am funny''. Otis (grade 2)

Dracula, de Rosie Dickins


''Scary and hard, creepy. Illustrations and sucking blood is involved, we recommend to juniors''. Georgia& Harper (grade 3)

2x2=Boo! A set of spooky multiplication stories, by Loreen Leedy

''We learn a lot. In the zero chapter, 2 cats fight to know which one is better and it's funny''!
Olivia& Meredith (grade 2)

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