Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Bonne Fête des Mères

The tradition of celebrating moms comes from Ancient Greece. Greeks celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. 

The United States have continued this tradition. in 1906, an American, Anna M. Jarvis, lost her mother the second Sunday of May. She then decided to celebrate all moms, by a religious service, every second Sunday of the month of May. Her action seemed to touch people as the following year, not only her small town of Grafton celebrated moms the second Sunday of May but the whole State of Virginia.

In 1914, the President of the United States referred to that day as official Mother's Day. 

Since then, several countries celebrate their moms: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Japan retained the second Sunday of May. Others celebrate in March, June, October or December.
But the most important thing is... to tell our MOMs how much we love them...
 In French
La tradition de fêter les mamans nous vient de la Grèce antique.
On y célébrait Rhéa, la mère de tous les dieux.

Les États-Unis ont continué cette tradition. Une Américaine, Anna M. Jarvis, perd sa mère le deuxième dimanche de mai 1906. Elle décide alors de célébrer toutes les mamans, par un service religieux, le deuxième dimanche du mois de mai.


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