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Dewson says Farewell Maurice Sendak Adieu Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak was an author/illustrator who has spent his life bringing to life a world of fantasy and imagination. His unique vision is loved around the globe by both young and old. Beyond his award-winning work as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, Sendak has produced both operas and ballets for television and the stage. Dewson Library has over 15 books written and/or illustrated by the great Maurice Sendak
among which:

  Picture Book, E SEN

Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak.
Scholastic, 1962

In this book, the author uses chicken soup
as a unifying theme to present an illustrated
tour of the months of the year.

 French Picture Book, E SEN

Max et les Maximonstres, Maurice Sendak
Ecole des Loisirs, 1967

Max est un petit garçon pas très sage. Sa mère le prive de dîner et l'envoie dans sa chambre qui se transforme en une gigantesque forêt tropicale. La mer cogne à sa fenêtre. Et Max embarque vers le pays des "Maximonstres". Les "Maximonstres" sont terrifiants pour tout le monde, sauf pour Max, qui devient leur roi.

Hector Protector, and ; As I went over the water :
two nursery rhymes with pictures 

 Dewey 398.8 SEN
by Maurice Sendak. Harper & Row, 1965
Swine Lake by James Marshall and
Maurice Sendak, Harper Collins, 1999

 Picture Book E MAR
A hungry wolf attends a performance of Swine Lake,
performed by the Boarshoi Ballet, intending to eat the performers, but he is so entranced by the story unfolding on the stage that he forgets about his meal.

 Picture Book E MAR
Brundibar by Maurice Sendak andTony Kushner,Hyperion Books for Children, 2003. Aninku and Pepicek find their mother sick one morning, they need to buy her milk to make her better.The brother and sister go to town to make money by singing, but a hurdy-gurdy grinder,Brunidbar, chases them away. They are helped by three talking animals and three hundred school children, to defeat the bully. Brundibar is based on a Czech opera for children that was performed fifty-five times by the children of Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp in 1943.
The Big Book For Peace, Dutton Children's Books,1990

 Dewey 810.8 BIG
The wisdom of peace and the absurdity of fighting are demonstrated in seventeen stories and poems by outstanding authors of today such as Jean Fritz, Milton Meltzer, and Nancy Willard, illustrated by famous illustrators such as Paul Zelinsky,the Dillons, and Maurice Sendak

Petit Ours de Else H. Minarik et Maurice Sendak
L'école des loisirs,1970
4 petites histoires amusantes.

 French Picture Book E MIN

A very special house, by Ruth Krauss
pictures by Maurice Sendak
Harper and Row,1953
Discover all the strange things happening in a very special house
Picture Book KRA

Also in French:

La chauve-souris poète
de Randall Jarrell et Maurice Sendak
l'école des loisirs, 1980
French Fiction F JAR

La Clef d'or,
de George MacDonald
Bordas, 1980
French Fiction F MAC

And there are still a few more........

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  1. Thanks for this lovely tribute to Sendak--our kitchen bench has been the "private boat" since my son was 2, so Max is never far off.