Friday, March 30, 2012

Dewson's Earth Hour Today from 2:00 to 3:00PM


Dewson Library will turn off the lights and shut down all the computers during the Earth Hour today. What will you do?

1. You can select a book in the display at the library and read it to learn about Earth, energy, waste, water, pollution, recycling, and what you can do to protect our planet!

Have a glance at our collection:

-Spud Goes Green by Gilles Thaxton
This book is funny and contains amazing discoveries, things to do, experiments, facts of the day, etc.

-Try this at Home
from OWL Magazine
Planet-friendly activities for kids to do at home.

-Pourquoi je dois...économiser l'énergie,  

-Je protège l'environnement,

-Je recycle, Viser Vert by Neil Morris 

2. On-line fun:  
POCOYO'S RECYCLING GAME: Play the game and learn about recyling.

Earth Hour Game: Play the game to get the lights turned off for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour: What is it?

Did you know that Toronto was the first city to sign-up to Earth Hour in 2008 after the success of the first year in Sydney, Australia? Over 400 cities in 35 countries quickly followed making it a truly global movement. Since then, Canada has engaged 15 million Canadians year over year. Earth Hour is a bit like an environmental New Year, providing us with a chance to reflect on our planet and what we can do to help. In 2012, millions of Canadians will come together again on Saturday March 31 between 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM.
Visit Earth Hour Canada website.

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